The Unexpected 8.

Jassy is seated on her bed, pictures spread out in front of her, eyes swollen from excessive crying as she read through the detailed information written in addition to the pictures.


The Unexpected 7

..."I'm not privileged like you but I've not put the past 5 years of my life into this just to have some whore snatch my moment from me at the last-minute. So I'm going ahead with the plan with or without the support of my supposed best friend!

The Tribute.

Why you left so soon, I still question it but I know the Lord who sees and knows all thought it a better plan to let you rest, my only comfort is that when everything ends, we will meet again.

The Unexpected 6

...Jassy doesn't deserve that from you. You are just going to break her heart and all these years of commitment would be put to waste, what are you thinking?" Marvin snapped.

DEATH; When it’s time, It’s time.

...but while you still can, while you still have the time, be good, choose right over wrong, be kind, be the comfort that people need, be helpful, be compassionate and fill the hearts of people with love and when it's time for you to breath in your last, we will mourn in gladness and fill your home with joy.

The Unexpected 5

Read previous part Here Dave obviously had doubts about going to Rachael's place. Everything he could think of was urging him not to go, but he had made the commitment and here he was. The intentions were very clear the moment he stepped into Rachael's living room. The low-toned blue lights made the candles that …

The Unexpected 4

...she glanced at it for the countless time and her phone rang. She hated picking calls this late, she had grown out of the habit since high school but annoyingly she picked up the phone and swiped the receive button. "Hello! Rachael here" "Hi!.........its Dave"