The Unexpected 6

...Jassy doesn't deserve that from you. You are just going to break her heart and all these years of commitment would be put to waste, what are you thinking?" Marvin snapped.


The Child’s Daddy. 

...and even those who left at a point and made us strive on our own are worth being called The Child's Daddy. 

The Unexpected 4

...she glanced at it for the countless time and her phone rang. She hated picking calls this late, she had grown out of the habit since high school but annoyingly she picked up the phone and swiped the receive button. "Hello! Rachael here" "Hi!.........its Dave"

The Unexpected 2

Read previous part: Here For Dave this was one of his proudest moments, getting to be the best-man for Marvin's wedding with Linda. It had been a fun-filled ceremony right from the traditional marriage the day before, until this very moment. The reception grounds was finally cleared of people and it looked quite desolate, a …


Say it no more Say it no longer Your actions are just speaking that which your lips should have done Go ahead Don't stop Just continue with it Letting them know what you feel is better than not being said Hard it is Impossible it seems But one day it will happen Don't leave it …