The Unexpected 10.

...In a moment that seemed to take like forever, Dave finally took the phone but after a period of hesitation, dropped it again " no,not in front of you guys. I'll do this on my own" 


The Unexpected 9

Read previous part Here Fridays usually carry exciting emotions for Rachael. Not only does it mark the end of the hectic working periods of the week but also she could finally get to plan some quality moments with Dave. She trudged slowly into her apartment and slumped into the sofa as soon as she entered. …

The Unexpected 7

..."I'm not privileged like you but I've not put the past 5 years of my life into this just to have some whore snatch my moment from me at the last-minute. So I'm going ahead with the plan with or without the support of my supposed best friend!

The Unexpected 5

Read previous part Here Dave obviously had doubts about going to Rachael's place. Everything he could think of was urging him not to go, but he had made the commitment and here he was. The intentions were very clear the moment he stepped into Rachael's living room. The low-toned blue lights made the candles that …