Loving Meat In A Vegan World.

I know the world has not gone entirely vegan but the craze for becoming a vegetarian is on the rise lately.

I am very proud to call myself a “meat lover” and I am honestly not against a person’s decision to go vegan. We make decisions at a point in time and no one condemns us because that’s what we know to be good so we just go for it.

I also believe that in other for everyone to be proud of decisions they make in life, we as people should see the value in that decision and condemn them less and allow them to feel worthy of themselves.


Some people turn vegan and they label “meat lovers” to be sinful just because we are killing animals and enjoying their produce and they feel it’s entirely wrong.

But then I ask, is it unlawful for one to eat meat? or does it make a Christian lose his or her salvation? If answers to the questions are NO, then we are on the right path just like you are.

Once you have made a choice to make great meals out of vegetables and fruits, I think it’s just fair that you accord us (meat lovers) respect with our decision to eat meat no matter how much you disagree with it.

I have tried going vegan twice and I have found myself going back to eating meat and since then I have not tried again because staying in a house where every meal prepared includes a meat or fish factor, there’s no way you are going to survive being a vegetarian for long. I might want to give it a try when I am staying alone and can eat anything I want to eat, but till then I am going to keep enjoying my meat and fish dishes.

To add to the fact that’s there no way I can enjoy the favourite Ghanaian dish “fufu” (pounded cassava/ cocoyam with plantain) without meat or fish. How can I just go vegan in an environment that is so tempting with meat? LOL

Fufu with light soup.

One major advantage of loving meat is that I can also enjoy vegan meals and still be okay.

I admire all vegetarians, seeing a whole plate of meat or fish and still not feel tempted? Wow, that’s brave! Keep enjoying all your amazing vegan recipes, I might join the team soon.

But allow us (meat lovers) to enjoy our recipes too without any criticisms. Thanks!


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