The Unexpected 6

Sorry for the long break, I am finally continuing the story.

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“So what are you going to do about Jassy?” asked Marvin.

“Well, I’m not planning on breaking up with her or anything. Hey, Rachael is pretty smart and has bought into the whole thing” Dave replied.

“Really, you think so. Look I don’t know what you are thinking? See, this is totally not right, just snap out of it!” Jassy doesn’t deserve that from you. You are just going to break her heart and all these years of commitment would be put to waste, what are you thinking?” Marvin snapped.

“Chill out man! Look I am going to control it perfectly. Rachael won’t last okay, it would be over soon. She knows about Jassy and she is going to keep us undercover, so no need to worry” Dave retorted.

“I don’t know, I have a bad feeling about this, just think it through and be careful because if anything goes wrong, Jassy won’t forgive you” Marvin pleaded.

There was a long pause before Linda came to call them for dinner which was being served by Jassy in the kitchen. They always had hangouts together and today was one of those days, but the issues between Dave and Jassy caused some tension while dinner was going on. No one knew what to say to clear the tension away, so they ate in silence.


The lobby of the Grand Majestic Hotel was every bit as its name suggested. Dave could not deny they served the best coffee in the capital. He and Rachael had spent the night here and it had been amazing as usual, she always had something up her sleeve to spice the moment.

He had left her in the room upstairs and had to rush off to work. He checked his watch, 10:45 am it read, he had to be in the office before midday, in thoughts about how to get home and change and make it in time for work, he bumped into Jassy at the entrance.

“Care to explain what you are doing here?” she asked to break the long silence that had ensued. “Where were you last night and why are you not answering my calls?” followed the initial question.

“Yeah…Ummm that’s right. There was this umm deal that I…”

“Oh! Spare me that lie” Jassy snapped before Dave could even finish his sentence.

“There you are…” came Rachael’s voice. “Make sure you deliver these documents to your boss and tell him my firm would be waiting for a reply as soon as possible” she continued whilst handling Dave a file containing several documents he had no idea what they were for. He nodded his head vaguely in agreement playing along obviously.

“Oh, hello! Sorry to barge into your conversation like that” Rachael said to Jassy with a cunning smile. All the while, Jassy’s mind was trying so hard to recall where she had seen that figure.

“Okay…” came the vague reply from Jassy

“You look familiar, have we met before? asked Rachael

“I’m thinking as much” replied Jassy

“Hmmm… Well, I move around a lot so probably true. Anyway, I have to run so bye” Rachael said and walked off giving Dave one last look.

“Where do I know this figure?” Jassy kept wondering to herself.

Realising how Rachael had saved the situation, he decided to go refresh himself and come and take Jassy away from there before she went around snooping.

“Ummm..wait right here I’m going to use the washroom, would be right back, but geez what are you doing here yourself?” Dave said as he headed for the washroom.

That’s it! It all came running back to Jassy. The washroom lady from the wedding over a month ago, that was her.

Continued here;Part 7


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