DEATH; When it’s time, It’s time.

Death is not a subject that gets us to do a praise break when it’s talked about. We will prefer to avoid it entirely than spend a minute of our day thinking and pondering over it.

But today I choose to talk about Death. The creepeth subject ever. I’m wondering, is there any subject so fearful than death? Ermmm I don’t know but there might be one.

In my best mood, I don’t want to talk about Death, it’s scary and brings fear to the heart.

It wipes away tears and draws tears from the deepest hidden tear ducts within our beings.

The icy hands of death are what most people wish to escape from even at a point where they know all hope is lost.

What are we living for in this world, when the end of it all is dying and going to an unknown place to face judgment??

I write this piece because I’ve done a lot of thinking these past days about how people just breath in one second and die in the next.

I’ve seen and listened to people share memories of loved ones that choose eternal rest when the battle was tough to handle and I have been at the stage where the death of a beloved pushed me to realise how life was never a joke.

I get scared for a life when I hear he or she is in the hospital because I’ve had friends go that way and not return.

I don’t even care about how it happened but what I realise is that they were here and in one breathless mood they left.

Death hasn’t been fair, it crawls on in silence and snatches away the family’s pride, dad’s favourite, mom’s heartbeat, the sibling’s confidant, the friend’s best friend and the people’s person.

It knocks on doors unknowingly and sneaks up on its prey.

Death has no enemies or favourites. Everyone is expected to pass away one day.

But now we see them go every second, every minute, every hour and we wish we could help at that instance but we can’t.

Death is snatching away the young. People who are full of life and exuberance. People with so much hope for the future. People who had thoughts that death will creep on them in their hundreds.

I don’t know when I will die, neither do I know when you’ll be gone. But while you still can, while you still have the time, be good, choose right over wrong, be kind, be the comfort that people need, be helpful, be compassionate and fill the hearts of people with love and when it’s time for you to breath in your last, we will mourn in gladness and fill your home with joy.

We will think about Death and still be glad that we had you here on earth.


8 Replies to “DEATH; When it’s time, It’s time.”

  1. Beautiful piece Amma. I happen to be someone who thinks a lot about death. I strive to reach the point where I can be ready anytime to leave the body or be ready to leave when my body gives up. However, it really shocks me from time to time how I had lived days, weeks and months past without the conscious of the brevity and the unpredictability of my exit from here. I ask myself, “Can you really be conscious enough to live in moment after moment expectancy of deaths grip? ”

    I’m glad that I have found someone who dares to keep this inevitable end a close companion. Amma, I think you’re smart.

    Don’t forget to bring along your salsa shoes for the socialization.

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  2. Great writeup, Death is a profit for everyone who lived to impact other lives and served his creator, the good book says to “live is Christ and to die is Gain,my life has been poured out like wine and emptied” in other words the writer was talking about how his life was shared as a drink for everyone to have part of him, there is an old but profound saying that the most rich place is the cemetery…….. Meaning people don’t die empty,lives are still full of it dreams, aspirations,talents and inventions. So we die, and buried with all these great potentials,ingenuity and innovations which could have shook the economic status of our country, which could have made us one of the few billionaires on our continent, and also created an initiative for aiding less privileged in our community……… I would wish to elaborate more on this but realized I have to just give a comment on this writeup and not a second part of it…..thank you Amma I enjoyed reading this unique article on Death.

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