The Unexpected 5

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Dave obviously had doubts about going to Rachael’s place. Everything he could think of was urging him not to go, but he had made the commitment and here he was.

The intentions were very clear the moment he stepped into Rachael’s living room. The low-toned blue lights made the candles that were lit on the dining table seem very glaring, red roses hang the doorway and his favourite Michael Bolton song was playing in the background.

The setting struck a chord at the back of his mind. Yes! this was the exact idea they had toyed with for their honeymoon plans if they got married. He still could not believe she actually remembered.

By the way, where was she? He thought to himself as he looked around. Almost as if on cue, Rachael appeared out of nowhere, hugged him from behind and turned him to face her.

What she had on spoke volumes about the kind of meeting they were going to have. She moved closer and wrapped her arms around him. At this gesture, Dave immediately remembered Jassy and wanted to resist but it was a loading battle against the rest of his soul.

“I never forgot” she whispered into his ears. He tried to speak but “shhh! You don’t need to say anything. The moment is beautiful enough and we have a lot of catching up to do” she whispered again, and with a longing gaze into his eyes which clearly showed his defeated emotions, she drew him in with a kiss.


Dave’s attitude had changed for some time now, he was always making up one excuse after the other and Jassy got really devastated about how things were going. She had tried bringing up the issue several times but to no avail.

After several failed attempts in reaching Dave, Jassy drove to Linda and Marvin’s place. “I don’t know what to do Linda, I don’t know” sobbed Jassy. “I am getting all the signals. Lies, excuses and he hardly spend the night at home these days,” she said sadly.

“Calm down dear, maybe you are just imagining things,” Linda said in an attempt to calm her friend down.

“Initially I thought so but it’s getting unbearable and it’s becoming too much” Jassy replied breaking down into tears again, Linda moved from across the room and went to hug her friend. “Hmm, I will talk to Marvin so we see what to do about this okay, please calm down” she consoled Jassy. After calming down, helping to cook dinner and eating together with Linda, Jassy left for home.


Later that night, another argument went on between Jassy and Dave, something which had become quite a norm frequently.

“So do you think what you are doing is fair?” Jassy snapped. “I told you, you are making a big deal out of nothing. I was in a meeting that’s why I could not answer your calls, so I just decided to see you before I head home” Dave replied.

“Oh! spare me that! What has come over you? This is not the guy I fell in love with” Jassy retorted.

Just then Dave’s phone rang, with Rachael’s name reading on the screen. Under the watchful eyes of Jassy, he nervously answered and tried to get through the conversation without getting Jassy suspicious but it was clear he couldn’t.

“Ummm, I…I think maybe we could do this later on so if…I like, can I call you back later or?…” he stuttered.

Without warning, Jassy snatched the phone and smashed it on the floor, shattering it into pieces. “Do you have any respect left for me at all?” she snapped and stormed out leaving Dave staring with eyes and mouth wide open in shock.

… watch out for the next part to know how the story unfolds. It continues here; Part 6


6 Replies to “The Unexpected 5”

  1. Nice.. girl, try putting your stories on wattpad… you could turn it into a novel.. good thing about it is that you get lots of feedback and therefore have more opportunities for growth… I like what you have going on… keep it up. Much love 🌹💕

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks for reading.
      If you had glanced through the previous parts maybe you will understand the situation better. The guy is cheating on her with his ex and he’s lying about it but Jassy sees all the signs and reacts in that sense.

      Liked by 1 person

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