The Unexpected 4

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Shower time was always a great moment for her, especially now that she had a bathroom of her own. She could make those sober reflections over her life without those annoying interruptions from family members and roommates waiting in line.

Rachael allowed herself into the open arms of her bed and pillows. She closed her eyes waiting for sleep to overtake her but the lingering thoughts wouldn’t allow it. It’s been a week since the encounter with Dave at the wedding and still no call. She was really aware this was going to take a while but anxiety was already setting in for her.

Did she make wrong assumptions about Dave still having feelings for her?

Had he managed to flush her out of his system?

Or has that pesky little girlfriend of his won this contest before it even began? No! She was going to remain optimistic about this. She knew Dave well and getting into his head was something she had perfected seven years ago. She was going to wait for it patiently.

She had these dominoes set up in place, all that was left was the first push to be delivered by a call from Dave and the ripple effect would begin. She heaved a sigh of relief as her thoughts switched to the moment of their break up that happened five years ago.

She had gone to give Dave the good news. She had been waiting for this news since she graduated high school and three years into tertiary there it was, the chance to finally join her brother in the UK.

Sure she was going to miss her friends and her beloved but it wasn’t like she was going to lose touch, no not in this 21st century. For some strange reason, Dave would have none of it. All her pleas, promises and assurances didn’t budge him. Ultimately her worst fear came true, choose our love and stay or choose the UK and kiss me goodbye was the choice Dave laud before her. Dumbstruck, hurt and feeling betrayed her pride also kicked in. Sure, true love was great but one that can’t make sacrifices for her wasn’t going to stand in between her and her dreams.

All through the preparations for her trip, a part of her longed to go reverse everything but the greater part of her was just waiting for Dave to apologize but he didn’t either.

Five years on, here she was. A degree in psychology hung up proudly on the wall in her bedroom. She glanced at it for the countless time and her phone rang. She hated picking calls this late, she had grown out of the habit since high school but annoyingly she picked up the phone and swiped the receive button.

“Hello! Rachael here”

“Hi!………its Dave”

Continued here: Part 5


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