The Unexpected 3

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It wasn’t the grace of beauty he was beholding that left him speechless. Of course, he knew Rachael was a spectacle of nature, perhaps even much more now. But that wasn’t it, no it was the bravery she had to even think of approaching him. All the questions started racing through his mind…

Who invited her? Who –

So you really weren’t going to invite me to Marvin’s wedding?” came the question before he could even get through the ones running through his mind.

I am -um-you-” he stuttered

Never mind, I wasn’t counting on it anyway. I know you were wondering how I got to know of the ceremony and everything but well, that’s for me to know and you to find out. I got back three months ago”

“Okay…” He finally managed to voice out but clearly still looking really dumbfounded.

“Well I wouldn’t want to waste your time, though you would agree we have a lot of catching up to do” She leaned forward, dropped a card in his breast pocket and whispered “you look amazing and I know you thinking same of me, I dare you not to call me” she chuckled and walked off.

He could only look on, still, shell-shocked at what just happened. “Who the hell is she? What right does she have to come where she wasn’t invited and how dare she, dare him over anything at all?”

“Who was that?” came Jassy’s voice.

“Oh! That? that -that was – Ummm- that was- she just wanted to know where the washroom was” he lied.

“Ok! Boy I am tired! Please get me home now” she pleaded

“Ok! I was about calling you anyway so let’s get going then.”

The drive home was pretty swift, too swift for him. He wished there was more time to process everything he had just seen. At one point along the drive, he nearly drove straight into an approaching truck. His brain was clearly not paying any attention whatsoever to the driving. It was here Jassy decided to take over the steering wheel for she could clearly tell her man had something on his mind.

“I don’t know what it is, but you definitely acting strangely. You nearly got us killed back there !” she snapped immediately she parked in front of her house, her parent’s house we should say.

“Sorry dear, like I said its the stress” he replied

“Stress, really? You think I would buy that?” she retorted

I’m not selling it Bae so no need convincing you to buy,” he said with a chuckle in a vague attempt to lighten up the conversation.

“Is it something with the ‘washroom’ lady?” she asked with a deadly conviction.

“Of course not! I don’t even know who she is, why would it be her? It’s not possible” he quipped.

Jassy just looked dead straight into his eyes as if to tell him ‘ I know you’re lying but I hope I’m not correct ‘

“I hear!” She said and got out before he could say anything more.

Dave just sank into his seat. He heaved a huge sigh of relief, so glad that conversation was over but very much concerned about why he just lied to her. This night wasn’t supposed to end like this. It was supposed to be the night when he asked her to marry him and now there was not an iota of urge in him to do that but anyway, she didn’t look like she was in the right mood for that herself.

“Oh God! Please help me out here, this is not supposed to be an issue but it looks like its turning into one. “If possible Father let this cup pass over me” he prayed in his head and straightened up to drive off.

Continued here; Part 4


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