The Right One. 

After our last but one paper on a Sunday we relaxed at the library just to wait for the final years to finish their last paper and begin with their end of semester service.

As we waited, I started teasing one of my friends about how her sweetheart puts her image on his whatsapp status story all the time, and when the other notorious friend joined in, it became more fun.

All these are things we do on a daily basis as friends. We tease one another out of love and not because we are jealous. We love to see us at our best and I’m thankful for friends like that.

So fast forward, as we teased her she said one thing that got me, she said “that’s what happens if you find the right one”

Then I got what I wanted to write about “The Right One”.

Most of us have the perception about meeting the right person before starting a relationship. No one wants to be with the wrong one and get hurt so we are all after the right.

But is there always an instance were we have to meet the bad ones first before we get to the right? Or is it that we just have to wait and our first will be the right?

Maybe it’s the lessons we will take along the line that will prepare us for our best. Maybe it’s the bad ones that teach us what we need to learn before we meet the right.

Maybe, just maybe there’s no right for anyone except ourselves. Maybe we have to trill our lives to be what we wish to see in others.

And just sometimes, we are the ones who are bad and hurt the innocent souls that genuinely show us love.

But whatever the case may be, as we look and hope for the best and have all that excitement in meeting the right person for us , let’s check and trill our lives in accordance to what we hope to see in others.

Just be who you want to meet and the one for you will also be right for you.


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