Fathers WHO Mother.

Women can be amazing in all standards, in fact we are amazing!

But as we take time to celebrate women, our mothers and the potential ones as well have we thought about dad’s who mother too?

There are super hero dad’s out there who do all that our amazing mothers do. They raise kids single handedly and do amazing things in all the mother- zone.

I want to celebrate these men and tell them how we appreciate their love to nurture children like mothers will do.

I know someone might say, let’s wait for fathers day, but no. This is just the time to honour such fathers, those who go round the world for their children just to see them became great in future.

To our women and mothers. Those we are not clinged to biologically but still show us love whatsoever. We say ayekoo.

Thank you for your support and love. We appreciate every single act of service you render to us and we celebrate you this day. We hope when the next comes you’ll still be around to be praised.

So then what shall we say to all these amazing personalities?

God bless you. We thank you. Mothers like no other. We love you because you do your worst to see us at our best!

To the fathers that mother we say keep being awesome men and real example to us. More vim!

To the potential mothers. There’s a lot to learn as we prepare for the motherhood journey. It’s not an easy one but we can sail.

Happy mothers day to you all!


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