Go Beyond The Dance.

“I will love myself to death even if the last person on earth told me I’m hated” – Self Quote.

So let’s talk about going beyond the dance.

We won’t wait for someone to whisper I love you in our hears to feel loved.

We don’t have to wait for our friends to pull a surprise on our birthdays to indicate we had a great day.

Buy yourself a gift on your birthday so that even if your friends miss the surprise you’ll still have something great for yourself.

When we take a risk and achieve a goal we won’t just do a dance in our heads and smile at ourselves.

Let’s go beyond the dance.

Tickle yourself up when you chalk the little successes.

Take yourself out, give yourself a treat or probably buy yourself a gift.

People will do what they do for us but we can do the best we can do for ourselves.

Don’t let your little successes go uncelebrated. Tell yourself you’re good and getting that huge task accomplished, you obviously deserve something sweet then give yourself a treat.

We mostly wait till someone surprises us so we feel we’ve really made an accomplishment, but it shouldn’t be so.

We should look beyond being expectant and do things for ourselves. Appreciate yourselves for the little things you achieve.

Go a step further beyond the compliment you give yourself in your head, and go beyond the little dance you do under the table.

Is there anything you’ve achieved in the past months, that you’ve left uncelebrated? This is a new month be sure to give yourself a treat!

I’m looking forward to buying myself a gift, because the goal I’m about to achieve is great and a dance will probably be the least celebration required.

It is great when someone makes you feel loved but it’s more best when you love yourself and make you feel loved.


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