You’re worth it all

It should not take a date to the most expensive restaurants to make you know that

The whispers from the crush next door at the break of day cannot express that

You’re worth it

Would you believe it more when it’s said to you than you actually tell yourself that?

Or you don’t believe in your words anymore?

I sat down thinking deep about life and what we really expect people to do for us

There are a lot we could do for ourselves if we stop depending on people all the time

You could be a lot of things in one self

That people won’t be willing to do for you

Your own best friend

Your favourite cheerleader

Your best advisor

Your number one craziest fun

Your self motivator

And all you expect another person to do for you

There are things you are that people really don’t say to you
Just because they feel you can figure that out for yourself

Why do you want to cry out loud to the world because everyone around you is caught up in the world of their own and seem not to notice you?

Realise your worth and begin to do things for yourself without waiting on others

Just because no one is doing those nice things for you and telling you those sweet tales you feel you don’t deserve that?

You were created beautiful and wonderful

In the image of the earth’s greatest deity

And you feel that’s not enough to make you feel worthy?

Then you’ve lost it all
You’re worth it all

Keep that in your head and remind yourself constantly of such great privilege

All the sacrifices someone will want to make to be with you
All the memorable memories they want to create with you

All excuses and busy schedules they put as options to make you a priority

You’re worth everyone of them

Know your worth

Don’t settle for less

Don’t drag yourself along the line of insignificance just because people don’t see your worth

Your worth is found in you and he who created you to be who you are
Don’t let anyone tell you less

Don’t let anyone freak you out and make you feel worthless

You’re worth every single piece of joy

You’re just worth it without any excuse

Just do you for…



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