I know you don’t want that sadness that engraves from my heart when you share your stories with me

I know you don’t want to hear those pitiful comments that I will rain on you when you cry on my shoulders
You just want me to listen and pass no comment
You just want my shoulders to lean on
You want me to make my ears softer to hear the words your lips will feed them with
You never blink an eye when you look into mine just for me to notice the honesty and seriousness with which you tell your stories

I just can’t keep mute

You don’t expect me to endure all those bitter feelings you feel about yourself and just nod at you

I just can’t watch the tears stream down your face and act like i feel nothing
I won’t watch you lean on my shoulders and just sit and not feel bothered
I’m your friend and ain’t that diary that can’t talk back at you when you strip words in them
I want to urge you on to success but not keep silent when you’re at your worst
I will talk back after you’ve told me whats taking that smile off your face
I will scold you if you’re at fault just as I would praise you when you are hitting it off unto greater heights
I will call you a fool and tell you all those crazy stuffs when I realise you’re neglecting your worth for something so insignificant
I would give you all the advise you will need to clear up those tears from your face
I will throw to you a challenge that would make you see life from your own perspective and not what others say you are
I will be there
But won’t be the silent friend

I would be loud if that’s what will get you at your best

I would be vibrant through all those dark moments just as I am when its bright and colourful

I hope that will be enough?
For I know my friendship may not be worth a million dollars

But if you appreciate and value it you’ll earn a thousand fold of a million dollars

I will just be that one friend
Don’t push me away

This is just what I want to be

That one friend who isn’t just a diary.


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