TOMORROW- A Day Not Promised.

“Tomorrow is not promised to no one” – Clint Eastwood.

We live today, worrying about tomorrow

Before we get into our beds and bid today farewell we’ve already made plans for tomorrow

What to eat
What to wear

Where to go to

Have already been decided

We’ve built dreams around what tomorrow would be like or what we expect it to be

Some of our plans we know we might not fulfill

But we still hope to see tomorrow and at least try it out

We live our lives today for tomorrow

But tomorrow is never a day we’ve been promised

We hurt people today and make plans to apologise tomorrow
But what if, we live tomorrow and they don’t?

What if we never get the chance to let them know we are sorry
We hide our feelings from friends and family

Hoping we would one day make it known to them

But what if…???
Have we realised our lives are not our own?

Today is when we have the chance to get things done

We know today
For tomorrow we just hope

We should appreciate what we have today, no one knows when the last goodbye would be

“Be who you would have people remember you for were tomorrow not promised, for it is not”- Anonymous


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