We find ourselves in a life were nothing seems to be fair
Things we want in life are not what we get
What we get are not what we are passionate about
We are enslaved to let go of our ambitions and fade in with the race
We are made to believe that we are in competition with one another

No one wants to support anyone to rise again
We all want to gain the riches, fame and everything that success offer
Yet we don’t want to die the hard way

People have become lovers of themselves
How we are treated by people and what they feel is no longer our game
Human relations are fading off and people just bind for a season

No one believes in the rule of karma, whether it works or not we care less
Ambitions are just about me, me and me
You, they,them, us, we are no longer important
If you should fail and I succeed that’s okay

We have become competitors of ourselves rather than motivators
True friendships can’t be defined because everyone is feared to be fake
You can’t share your success with anyone because the fear of envies and jealousy is so dominant

“I do this for you just because you’re my friend” now goes like “I do this for you so you must also do same for me”

Our perceptions and mindset are fixed to the standards of our own world
We mix reality with fairy tales

And in the end when we realize its too late everything we’ve neglected, abandoned, let gone and paid no attention to would have left our lives with no footprints to trace them

Let us fix our priorities
Let us fight for what is right
Let us focus on reality
Let us live life and not look back to regret what we didn’t do
Let us build a solid foundation in our pursuit for success so it can always stand the test of time.


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