Admired From Afar.

...the way you carry yourself around might just be the impression someone would ever have of you. Be presentable at all times.


The Writer!

In school myself seemed like the easiest essay you could ever be asked to write but fast forward few years later into life when it really matters and you're on spot, it's just the hardest thing to do. It seems like a funny trick nature decides to play on you anytime the question "tell me …

The Unexpected 7

..."I'm not privileged like you but I've not put the past 5 years of my life into this just to have some whore snatch my moment from me at the last-minute. So I'm going ahead with the plan with or without the support of my supposed best friend!

The Tribute.

Why you left so soon, I still question it but I know the Lord who sees and knows all thought it a better plan to let you rest, my only comfort is that when everything ends, we will meet again.